Are There Benefits to Betting on Multiple Lines in Slots?

Apart from choosing the amount that you want to wager as your bet in a game of slots, you’ll also get to choose how many ‘payout lines’ you want to play. Typically most 5-reel games of slots have anything from 1 to 9 different payout lines and each extra line that you pick will add the amount that you’re betting on top of your current bet.


In other words if you’re betting $1 but you choose to play 5 lines then your total bet will be $5.


At first glance, it may appear as if playing multiple lines will help you to unlock many more possible combinations that you can win on – but that isn’t exactly true. Yes, you will be able to win if you land combinations on various different payout lines should you enable them – but you’re paying the same bet for each extra line.


That means that when you boil it all down, there is no difference between paying $1 per line and betting on 5 lines or paying $1 per line, betting on 1 line but spinning the reels 5 times! Statistically speaking, the return that you obtain on average will be exactly the same.


The only real benefit that is obtained from betting on multiple payout lines is the time spent in the casino. Spinning the reel once while betting on 5 payout lines is a lot faster than spinning the reel 5 times and only betting on 1 payout line.


Aside from that – there really is no additional benefit except in the case of particular games of slots in certain casinos that specifically state there is. These games tend to be few and far between however, as they alter the odds of the game itself.


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