The Growth of the Mobile Casino

The evolution of the casino is a very interesting thing indeed. From it’s earliest beginnings in small backwater towns, to the glitz and glamour of the monolithic masses in Las Vegas, Singapore and Macau, the idea caught on quickly.

Next you had the rise of the Internet, and the introduction of the casino online, which has now evolved into the mobile product, with people claiming their Unibet bonus left, right, and centre. Take a look at the financial numbers of the top gambling companies in the world and they all have one thing in common: burgeoning growth in the mobile gambling sector.

The demand for a mobile casino product is staggering, and it is estimated that the business is worth over a billion dollars per year, but why is it so popular?

On The Move

The most obvious answer is the ability to play on the move. No more wires, no more sore bottoms sat on worn out swivel chairs, and instead a game you can play wherever you choose.

Multi Tasking

Modern man has the attention span of a gnat. Multi tasking is vogue and people just can’t stop doing more than one thing at a time. Playing online casino games on a mobile device makes multi-tasking all the more easier.

Everybody’s Got One

Whilst it’s true that most households will own a computer, how many people share the same device? The mobile device is so perfect because almost everyone has one. In fact, there are more people in the world with mobile devices than people who have running water.

The Dentist Chair

A mobile device allows you to play your online casino games in the downtime that you couldn’t ordinarily fill with anything else. If you are waiting for the dentist, doctor or just standing in line at the airport check-in, you can now log on and spin a few reels without an undue fuss.

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