Never Ending Fun While You Play Online Pokies – Hit The Jackpot!

pokiesSurely you would have heard of ‘Pokies’, would have played them or would be raring to play. If you haven’t played and got the fun yet, you have the best chance to play online pokies. You would have heard it in different names, most common and formal being ‘Slot Machine’, or a ‘Fruit Machine’, ‘Poker Machine’ etc. ‘Pokies’ may be a slang but entirely famous the world over for these games.
For the starters, Pokies or the slot machine is a console that has 3 or more concurrent rotating strips that rotate independently and have anything like numbers, items etc. printed on them. On the press of a button or traditionally pull of a lever, the strips rotate randomly. When they stop, the combination of items on the strip that comes decides where user wins something or not. The best combination is called the famous ‘Jackpot’ that can make you win a fortune!


Generally, slot machines take currency or tokens and accordingly give you some number of moves. Eventually, you may also win extra moves while playing based on the combination of items. Among other games, pokies are among the most common games in casinos and you will find them in large numbers arranged in rows in most of the casinos. As an interesting statistics, American casinos claim that 70% of their income comes from slot machines or pokies. That is why slot machines have seen so much development and improvement over the years in terms of technology, how entertaining they are for players, different type of games on slot machines, and obviously lot of fun for players. Computer based slot machines have also taken the game to a new level where players have fun like never before.


Apart from the real-world, people also play online pokies actively. is a famous place to enjoy and play online pokies. Here, you can play variety of pokies so that you never get bored. Online pokies games have the advantage of having all the possible options of items, combinations, and variations which makes it even better than the real-world electromechanical slot machines where such variations are not possible or are limited only.


When you play online pokies at, you will have lots of goodies, bonuses and winning possibilities. Moreover, you will get completely fair game play and no hidden tricks are involved. If you may have heard of people applying tricks to win in pokies, you can forget that as there are no tricks and you need not be a seasoned player to win and have fun. If you have trust in your luck and your luck is your friend, then you are going to have really good time playing pokies!

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