Slot machines with bonus games

Slot machines with bonus games

It is of no doubt that players are mostly on the lookout for slot machines with bonus games that can increase their winning chances significantly. First, let’s try to understand what we mean by a bonus game. A bonus game feature is activated by landing a combination of symbols (normally a grouping of three or more symbols or the scatters). A slot with bonus games is one of the most popular slot machines in the casino gambling industry. Most casinos online offer a wide selection of casino slots with amazing bonus games features.

Everybody loves to get a cool bonus while playing online slot machine games. Many players have been rewarded with exciting and amazing cash prizes with slot machine bonus wins. These bonuses can take different forms ranging from additional spins to pick a box, extra games and so on. Do you also want to learn how to choose the slot machine that offers a bonus game? If that is the case you need to check out this article to unveil how the bonus games work and the slot machines that offer the best bonus games. Let’s get started!

  • Slot machine bonus games allow you to increase your chances of winning big.
  • Slot machine with bonus games has gained increased popularity among casino player across the globe.

How do slot machines with bonus games works?

One thing is to know what slot machines offer bonus games and another thing to understand how the bonus games actually work. Slot machine bonus rounds differ depending on the type of slots that you are playing. As all slot players know, the symbols that you manage to land when the slot’s reel halt will determine how much you will win. Additionally, when we talk of bonus games, each bonus game can be activated by matching symbols together. It is recommended that you get familiar and understand the slot that you choose to play.

Ways to identify slot games with bonus round

When slot machines were first introduced in the mid 20th century, these games of chance only featured 3 reels with a total of 10 symbols each. Due to the advancement in technology, these games of chance went on to feature a 5 reel slots games, which include multi-reel slots and more bonuses.

These slot machines with bonus games were introduced when slots games graced the internet in the 90s. One important tip to identify the slot machine bonus games is to check the rules of the games you choose to play and also view the paylines.

Types of slot machine bonus games and features

There are different types of slot machine bonus games and features that a player can take advantage of to win exciting prizes and increase their chances of winning. Players should note that these bonus games and features can be triggered by hitting a combination of symbols.

One of the bonus games is the free spin slot machines which offer players with extra spins at your current stake and you can use them to win big. Additionally, you can use instant win bonus features to receive instant cash prizes. Other bonus games and features include re-spin, pick me, extra wilds, pathway games.

  • We suggest that you check the slot information to better understand the types of bonus games available.
  • Other types of bonus games include a spinning wheel bonus, wild bonus, etc.

Why choose slot machines with bonus games?

There are a lot of reasons why a player chooses slot machines with bonus games over slot machines without bonus games. One of the most important reasons is that slot machines with bonus games can help to increase a player’s chances of winning big with online slots.

Also, slots with bonus round increase a player’s engagement and give you more chances of winning through free spins, instant win and so on. Apart from the increase in bankroll, another benefit is that slot machines with bonus rounds are more fun and interesting to play. 

Slot machines with the best bonus round

Slot machines with the best bonus roundSince there are lots of slot machines that offer the player with a bonus round, it is somehow taxing to know the ones that offer the best and the most exciting bonus games round. This section of the article highlights some of the slots that offer the best bonus games feature.

The best slots with the most exciting bonus rounds according to online statistics are Avalon II, Family Guy, Pink Panther, Hot as Hades, Monty Python and the Holy Grail and many more.

Since a player’s interest differs, you can also check out different slot machines to determine the best one for you. 

TIP: If you are playing casino in the Netherlands, here is a good casino comparison site that has bonuses on a wide variety of slots (or gokkasten as it is called in Netherlands) there.


Slots machines with bonus games have gained popularity among casinos around the world. Most players are always on the lookout for ways they can use to increase their payouts significantly. As a result, online casino players prefer to play slots machines that offer bonus game rounds. Because of this, casinos always strive to provide players with a vast collection of incredible slot machines with bonus games. Players should also note that these bonus game rounds differ depending on the type of slot you choose to play. Therefore, read the slot machine instructions to understand the symbols that trigger each bonus round.

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